Expert Termite Treatments

Lakeshore Pest Control will treat your outside foundation, inside the crawl space foundation, soil under slabs, and other potential points of entry so that we may provide you with the best protection against termites.

The Termidor Perimeter plus treatment is a cost-effective treatment that works for years and is 100% effective in controlling termites-guaranteed! (Contact us for full details.)

Our baiting system not only stops termites from feeding on your home, but offers total colony elimination!

Bait stations are inserted into the ground around the perimeter of your home, non-baited wood is placed into each station and are monitored every other month during the summer season, if termites are found feeding on a station a bait with chemical is inserted into the station, the termite will take the bait back to the colony for wider consumption, which leads to elimination.

Termites Infestation - Pest Removal

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