Pest Removal Services

Lakeshore will perform a thorough inspection of your house or office to determine possible insect entry points and other areas of concern. Using the information gathered they will perform the necessary treatment to eliminate your problem.

Skilled Technicians

To ensure complete insect control, our state-certified technicians inspect every nook and cranny of your home or office. They identify conditions that are conducive to pests and eliminate them. Possible insect entry points and other areas of concern are also secured. Using information gathered, they design a control strategy that fits your specific needs.

Residential Control

Safeguard your home from pests. We provide first-rate residential pest control that includes both one-time treatments and maintenance services. Apart from wood-destroying insects, we also protect you from seasonally driven pests.

Mosquito Abatement Program

We will be applying our products monthly May thru August. This program is intended to reduce the mosquito population around your property, thus reducing NOT eliminating the risk of being bitten by mosquitoes. We will treat the landscaping and foundation around your property with a residual adulticide to help reduce the population of mosquitoes in their resting sites. We also provide mosquito control for weddings, parties, and graduations.

Ant Infestation - Pest Removal

Control Maintenance

It is ultimately more convenient to have pest control maintenance than it is to use one-time services again and again. In the long run, it saves you more money too.

Commercial Control

Lakeshore Pest Control & Home Services also provide pest control services for commercial areas. We custom-fit our solutions and work around your business schedule. Our commercial services are offered to the following counties:

• Muskegon

• Ottawa

• Kent

• Allegan

Flexible Scheduling

Some businesses require regular service schedules, which our trained technicians are happy to provide. That being said, we do understand that your business comes first. Our custom programs allow for flexible scheduling, including monthly, quarterly, and annual services.

Specialized Billing

Commercial accounts are not the same as residential accounts. Our billing and customer service departments recognize this, and therefore offer specialized services depending on the needs of different commercial entities.

Insurance & Documentation

Lakeshore Pest Control & Home Services' insurance coverage meets or exceeds what is commonly required. This includes liability and workers compensation insurance. We also provide detailed reports for your documentation purposes.

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